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Fig. 4

From: Smad4 SUMOylation is essential for memory formation through upregulation of the skeletal myopathy gene TPM2

Fig. 4

Blockade of Smad4 SUMOylation impairs spatial learning and memory formation. a Animals received lenti-Flag-vector, lenti-Flag-Smad4WT, or lenti-Flag-Smad4K113RK159R transduction and were subjected to water maze learning. n = 8 for each group, F(2,21) = 5.55, **P = 0.01; q = 4.14, *P < 0.05 comparing the lenti-Flag-Smad4K113RK159R and lenti-Flag-vector groups; q = 4.01, **P = 0.01 comparing the lenti-Flag-Smad4K113RK159R and lenti-Flag-Smad4WT groups. The statistical difference between the lenti-Flag-Smad4WT and lenti-Flag-Smad4K113RK159R groups for a given trial is indicated by the significance signs: *P < 0.05 and **P < 0.01. b Probe trial test. n = 8 each group, F(2,21) = 4.87, *P < 0.05; q = 4.41, **P = 0.01 comparing the lenti-Flag-Smad4K113RK159R and lenti-Flag-vector groups. c Animals were sacrificed after the probe trial test and their CA1 tissue was subjected to SUMOylation assay. Left panel: Immunoblotted with anti-Smad4 antibody. Right panel: Immunoblotted with anti-SUMO1 antibody. Lentivector transduction and expression was confirmed by western blotting using anti-Flag antibody. d Quantified result of Smad4 SUMOylation. n = 8 for each group, F(2,21) = 64.04, # P < 0.001; q = 13.51, # P < 0.001 comparing the lenti-Flag-vector and lenti-Flag-Smad4WT groups; q = 14.19, # P < 0.001 comparing the lenti-Flag-Smad4WT and lenti-Flag-Smad4K113RK159R groups. Data are expressed as means ± SEMs. IB immunoblotting, IP immunoprecipitation, SEM standard error of the mean

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