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Table 2 QTL identified by fine mapping on chromosome 4

From: Dorsal spine evolution in threespine sticklebacks via a splicing change in MSX2A

      Phenotype means
Trait Position (cM) Marker LOD PVE MM MF FF
DS1 9.3 MEM235 10.69 3.97 0.38 −0.04 −0.32
DS1 13.2 BRS18 4.93 1.81 0.35 −0.01 −0.34
DS1 Full model   66.28 28.44    
DS2 9.3 MEM235 73.16 30.23 0.38 −0.05 −0.29
  1. LOD scores, percentage variance explained (PVE), and mean trait values for each genotype class at the marker position are shown. For DS1, an additive model was identified that combines two QTLs located at 9.3 and 13.2cM. The first two rows indicate the LOD and PVE associated with dropping one QTL from the model. The third row shows the LOD and PVE for the full model combining the two QTLs. Genotype classes are labeled according to grandparent of origin. Phenotype values are residuals to standard length in millimeters
  2. DS dorsal spine, F freshwater, LOD logarithm (base 10) of odds ratio for QTL model, M marine, PVE percentage variance explained, QTL quantitative trait locus