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Fig. 3

From: An elevated plus-maze in mixed reality for studying human anxiety-related behavior

Fig. 3

Physiological reactions to the elevated plus-maze (EPM) in Study 1. Barplots (ac) show significant increases of heart (n = 30) and respiration rate (n = 29) as well as skin conductance levels (n = 11) throughout EPM testing compared to baseline. Barplots (d and e) show means for saliva cortisol (n = 28, upper panel) and alpha-amylase levels (n = 27, lower panel) before (T0) and directly after (T1) as well as at 15 min (T2), 30 min (T3), 45 min (T4), and 60 min (T5) after the experiment. Values are given as means ± standard error. *indicate significant differences between baseline and all other intervals for (ac) and post hoc significance at P < 0.05 comparing cortisol at T2 to T1, T3, T4, and T5 and comparing amylase at T1 to all other time points

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