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Table 1 List of migration hits from siRNA library screen

From: An RNAi screen of Rho signalling networks identifies RhoH as a regulator of Rac1 in prostate cancer cell migration

  Impaired migration Accelerated migration HGF-dependent migration
Gene name Accession number Z-score Gene name Accession number Z-score Gene name Accession number Z-score
GTPases RHOC NM_175744 −1.2576 RAC3 NM_005052 1.6714    
RHOH NM_004310 −1.1161 RHOBTB1 NM_014836 1.2813    
RHOV NM_133639 −1.1100 RHOQ NM_012249 1.1527    
RhoGAPs ARAP1 NM_015242 −1.3971 DLC1 NM_006094 1.2716 ARAP3 b NM_022481 1.3769
SRGAP3 NM_014850 −1.3048 ARAP2 NM_015230 1.2509 ARHGAP24 b NM_031305 1.1005
    ARHGAP35 NM_024342 1.1569 SRGAP1 b NM_020762 1.0760
    ARHGAP4 NM_001666 1.0155    
RhoGEFs DOCK5 NM_024940 −2.3762 VAV1 NM_005428 1.6012 ARHGEF4 a NM_015320 −1.6365
DOCK11 NM_144658 −1.7138 ARHGEF10 NM_014629 1.1390 ARHGEF19 a NM_153213 −1.5797
DOCK6 NM_020812 −1.5419 PLEKHG6 NM_018173 1.1295 ARHGEF14 a NM_024979 −1.2354
FGD2 NM_173558 −1.4725 ALS2 NM_020919 1.1294 FGD4 b NM_139241 1.1248
DOCK3 NM_004947 −1.3736 PREX2 NM_024870 1.0269    
ITSN2 NM_006277 −1.2293 RASGRF1 NM_002891 1.0074    
SOS1 NM_005633 −1.1864       
DOCK2 NM_004946 −1.1098       
FGD5 NM_152536 −1.0918       
Effectors NOXA1 NM_006647 −1.4477 RHPN1 NM_052924 1.5692 CIT a NM_007174 −1.0435
PIK3R2 NM_005027 −1.3197 TWF1 NM_002822 1.3241 CDC42EP b NM_007061 1.4898
CDC42EP2 NM_006779 −1.2882 PAK4 NM_005884 1.2268    
PKN3 NM_013355 −1.2045 PIK3R1 NM_181504 1.1572    
PAK7 NM_020341 −1.0864 MLK4 NM_032435 1.0711    
SMURF1 NM_020429 −1.0663 PLXNB1 NM_002673 1.0377    
PAK2 NM_002577 −1.0318       
Other     BCR NM_004327 1.1558 RHOBTB3 a NM_014899 −0.9751
  1. Hits are divided into Rho GTPases, RhoGEFs, RhoGAPs and effectors and subdivided into siRNA pools that impair or accelerate PC3 cell migration or affect only HGF-dependent migration; migration Z-score is indicated relative to the mean migration of all genes included in the screen. Accession number: RefSeq accession number is indicated
  2. HGF hepatocyte growth factor
  3. aHGF-impaired
  4. bHGF-accelerated