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Table 1 Statistics of the Paroedura picta genome assembly

From: Madagascar ground gecko genome analysis characterizes asymmetric fates of duplicated genes

assembly/annotation feature statistic
Number of scaffolds 110,906
Total size of scaffolds (bp) 1,694,174,484
Longest scaffold (bp) 33,658,631
Shortest scaffold (bp) 500
N50 scaffold length (bp) 4,106,116
Scaffold GC content (%) 44.76
Scaffold Gap content (%; percentage of Ns) 8.99
CEGMA+CVG, ‘Complete’ score (%) 89.70
CEGMA+CVG, ‘Partial’ score (%) 98.71
Number of coding genes 27,039
Median coding sequence length (bp) 912
Coding sequence GC content (%) 52.27
Average number of coding exons 7.12