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Table 3 Total numbers of species-specific genes and missing genes for each genome

From: Comparative genomics of the miniature wasp and pest control agent Trichogramma pretiosum

Genome Species-specific genesa,c Missing gene familiesb,c
Athalia rosae 2933 267
Orussus abietinus 1148 139
Apis mellifera 2932 172
Microplitis demolitor 4085 169
Trichogramma pretiosum 4203 (1090)d 403 (48)d
Copidosoma floridanum 2704 125
Ceratosolen solmsi 1225 110
Nasonia vitripennis 11,809 51
  1. aSpecies-specific genes include singletons and genes within species-specific clusters
  2. bNumbers of gene family clusters for which the species in question is the only species to not have at least one representative gene for that family
  3. cDesignation of “missing” and “specific” categories is as determined by OrthoMCL
  4. dCorrected counts of species-specific and missing genes following manual curation in Trichogramma pretiosum (see section on “Species-specific and missing genes in Trichogramma pretiosum”)