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Table 6 Methylation status of gene body methylation across 3180 single-copy orthologs

From: Comparative genomics of the miniature wasp and pest control agent Trichogramma pretiosum

Methylation status Number of orthologsa Interpretation
T. pretiosum N. vitripennis A. mellifera
Methylated Methylated Methylated 1897 Conserved methylation status
Methylated Unmethylated Unmethylated 49 T. pretiosum lineage-specific gain of methylation
Unmethylated Methylated Methylated 182 T. pretiosum lineage-specific loss of methylation
Unmethylated Unmethylated Unmethylated 669 Conserved methylation status
  1. aThe 383 genes not included in the table are those which have Apis mellifera- or Nasonia vitripennis-specific gains or losses