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Fig. 6

From: A bacterial route for folic acid supplementation

Fig. 6

Folic acid shortens C. elegans lifespan via an E. coli abgT-dependent route during adulthood. Mean lifespan of glp-4(bn2) C. elegans maintained from day 1 of adulthood on WT (a only), ΔpabA, ΔabgT ΔpabA or ΔpabA (abgT OE) mutant E. coli with supplementation of (a) folic acid, (b) PABA-glu and (c) PABA. Error bars represent standard error. Asterisks denote the Log-rank non-parametric statistical test of survival, where ****p < 0.0001, ***p < 0.001, **p < 0.01, *p < 0.05, compared to lifespan on the non-supplemented condition of the same strain. Full lifespan data in Additional file 1: Table S1

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