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Fig. 3

From: Viral diversity is an obligate consideration in CRISPR/Cas9 designs for targeting the HIV reservoir

Fig. 3

a LTR-GFP fusion reporter to test gRNAs for activity in vitro. b Activity was measured in terms of percent knockdown of median GFP fluorescence intensity relative to negative controls. We found positive but statistically non-significant correlation between computationally predicted activity scores and measured activity. c We achieved reduction of GFP fluorescence intensity (positive activity) with a majority of gRNA designs and observed clustering of tested target sites in two areas of the LTR with the most active guides being clustered around the center of the LTR. With a small number of gRNAs, we observed negative activity (increase in GFP fluorescence). Lower panel shows residue conservation (in 0–2 bits) across the LTR for alignments of subtype sequences or all sequences in group M

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