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Fig. 2

From: A GWAS on Helicobacter pylori strains points to genetic variants associated with gastric cancer risk

Fig. 2

Location of genetic elements associated with gastric cancer on ELS37 genome (GCA_000255955.1). GWAS comparing isolates from patients with (a) non-atrophic gastritis to those with gastric cancer and precancerous progression and (b) gastric cancer to those with non-atrophic gastritis and precancerous progression. Two GWAS were performed with bugwas software for each panel, one based on SNPs (upper panels) and the other based on k-mers (lower panels). Positions of the genomic elements are represented on the horizontal axis expressed. Log 10 of p value for each hit is recorded on the vertical axis. The blue line indicates a p value ≤ 10−5

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