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Table 1 Strains and plasmids

From: Structural and functional characterization of protein–lipid interactions of the Salmonella typhimurium melibiose transporter MelB

  Genotype or description Reference
E. coli strain
 AL95 (PE deficiency) pss93::kanR lacY::Tn9 [33]
 MG1655 (WT) F lambda ilvG rfb 50 rph-1 [34]
(PG deficiency & CL deficiency)
MG1655 lpp-2 Δara714 rcsF::miniTn10cam ΔpgsA::FRT-Kan-FRT
(pgsA encodes phosphatidylglycerol phosphate synthase)
 WK3110 (WT) F lambda IN(rrnDrrnE) [33]
(CL deficiency)
WK3110 ΔclsA, ΔclsB, ΔclsC::KanR
(cardiolipin synthases (Cls) catalyze the condensation of two PG molecules to one CL and one glycerol)
 DW2 melA+ ΔmelB ΔlacZY [37]
 pK95 ΔAH/MelBSt/CHis10 MelBSt with a C-terminal His10 tag (constitutive expression; ampicillin resistant). [6, 37]
 pDD72GM pssA+ genR and pSC101 temperature-sensitive replicon (IPTG induction; chloramphenicol resistant). [20]
  1. [Note that clsC uses PG and PE to make CL plus ethanolamine]