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Table 3 Summary of all curated knowledge available in RegulonDB that was obtained via HT methodologies

From: A unified resource for transcriptional regulation in Escherichia coli K-12 incorporating high-throughput-generated binding data into RegulonDB version 10.0

Methodologies Number of articles Number of TFs Name of the TFs
 gSELEX 2, previous work 3 CRP, H-NS, and LeuO
19, this work 18 AscG, BasR, CitB, Cra, CsgD, Dan, DpiA, LeuO, Lrp, NemR, OmpR, PdhR, PgrR, RcdA, RstA, RutR, SdiA, and SutR
 ChIP-chip 1, previous work 1 PurR
17, this work 15 ArcA, ArgR, CRP, Fis, FNR, H-NS, IHF, LexA, Lrp, NsrR, RpoD (Sigma70), RpoH (Sigma32), RutR, Rho, and TrpR
 ChIP-exo 2, previous work 6 GadE, GadW, GadX, OxyR, SoxS, and SoxR
7, this work 4 ArgR, Fur, OmpR, and UvrY
 ChIP-seq 8, this work 8 CsiR, FNR, Fur, H-NS, Nac, OmpR, RpoD (Sigma70), and RpoS (Sigma38)
Methodologies Number of articles Number of TSSs Dataset in RegulonDB
 TSS determination 2, previous work 5197 [8]
1806 [8]
1, previous work 14000 [8]