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Fig. 5

From: Ontogenetic and phylogenetic simplification during white stripe evolution in clownfishes

Fig. 5

Stripe loss during ontogeny occurs multiple times in Amphiprion. af Pictures of juveniles (big picture) and adult (small picture-top right) of A. frenatus (a), A. melanopus (b), A. rubrocinctus (c), A. ephippium (d), A. nigripes (e), and A. sandaracinos (f). A. frenatus (a), A. melanopus (b), A. rubrocinctus (c), and A. ephippium (d) show that juveniles have extra stripes compared to its respective adult whereas the number of vertical stripes does not vary over ontogeny in A. nigripes (e) and A. sandaracinos (f). Pictures of juveniles were nicely provided by GR Allen. g Maximum clade credibility phylogeny of clownfishes [27] with a summary map of striped pattern ontogenesis generated through stochastic character mapping. It reveals a minimum of five major transitions to an ontogenetic pattern made of white stripe loss, occurring (1) in the A. frenatus clade, (5) in the clade grouping A. mccullochi and A. akindynos, and in three individual species (2) A. chrysopterus, (3) A. latifasciatus, and (4) A. allardi (number in red circles)

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