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Fig. 6

From: Ontogenetic and phylogenetic simplification during white stripe evolution in clownfishes

Fig. 6

Morphological trait analysis reveals a link between striped pattern and shape of the dorsal fin. ad Pictures of A. ocellaris (a), A. bicinctus (b), A. frenatus (c), and A. ephippium (d) and cartoons illustrating their dorsal fin shape (A anterior, P posterior). There is an indentation at the middle of the dorsal fin (black arrowhead) with the anterior spiny rays longer than the most posterior one in clownfishes having two or three stripes. e Methods for quantification of anterior lobe and posterior lobe morphology index (l1 length of the third dorsal spine, l2 length of the most posterior spine, lr length of the longest soft ray, L length of the dorsal fin was used for normalization). Anterior and posterior lobes morphology indexes correspond to (l1-l2)/L and (lr-l2)/L, respectively. f, g Scatterplots showing the relationship between the numbers of vertical white stripes (x-axis) and lobe morphologies index of the dorsal fin (y-axis). Each point corresponds to one clownfish species

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