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Fig. 5

From: Microdomain formation is a general property of bacterial membrane proteins and induces heterogeneity of diffusion patterns

Fig. 5

Density map and directionality histogram for proteins a GltP and b YknZ. The left panel shows density maps of the tracks in the average size of the bacterial cell from each protein database. In the histograms, the orientation of the tracks was calculated with respect to the short axis of the bacterial cells. The left y axis refers to the values of the cyan and magenta lines, which represent the cumulative step-distances along the short and long axis, respectively. Cumulative step-distances are the sum of all magnitudes of the components along the coordinate axes of all distances of every track at every time. The right y axis of the histograms shows the percentage for a finer division in smaller angles (20 bins). Distances were corrected for curvature as explained in the “Methods” section. c, d 3D visualization of tracks for two representative cells from the GltP and YknZ databases, respectively. The region accessible with our depth of focus is delimited by the black curve. Tracks are sorted according to their directions with the same color codes as in a and b

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