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Fig. 4

From: Synaptic coupling of inner ear sensory cells is controlled by brevican-based extracellular matrix baskets resembling perineuronal nets

Fig. 4

Distribution of brevican and HAPLN1 at OHCs in whole-mount preparations of the mouse cochlea. ac Ribbon synapses in the three rows of OHCs and in the IHC row were labeled by the Ribeye marker CtBP2 (a, c, red). Besides its strong immunoreactivity in the IHC row, brevican occasionally also appeared in form of small punctae opposite to the ribbons of OHCs (b, c, green). df The labeling of HAPLN1 (e, f, green) also resulted in small immuno-positive punctae opposite to the ribbon synapses of OHCs (d, f, red). a-f Maximum intensity projections of confocal stacks of stretches of 5–6 IHCs from apical cochlear turns, scales 5 μm

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