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Fig. 7

From: Synaptic coupling of inner ear sensory cells is controlled by brevican-based extracellular matrix baskets resembling perineuronal nets

Fig. 7

Ba2+ currents recorded in IHCs of bcan−/− mice. a Exemplary current traces of an apical turn bcan+/+ IHC (black, left, P20) and an apical turn bcan−/− IHC (red, right, P21) in response to 8 ms step depolarizations to the voltages indicated. b Corresponding I-V-curves of the exemplary cells depicted in a (bcan+/+ IHC: black; bcan−/− IHC: red). c Average maximum Ba2+ currents did not point to any disruption of the function of presynaptic calcium channels in IHCs of bcan−/− mice (bcan+/+: − 232 ± 43.6 pA, n = 17/2 IHCs/mice, bcan−/−: − 229.5 ± 34 pA, n = 15/2, p = 0.861, t test). Data are presented as mean ± S.D

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