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Fig. 2

From: The piRNA pathway responds to environmental signals to establish intergenerational adaptation to stress

Fig. 2

Intergenerational gene expression alterations induced by increased temperature. a Volcano plot presenting the overlap of downregulated genes (Log2 fold change 20 °C/25 °C < 0) and upregulated genes (Log2 fold change 20 °C/25 °C > 0) at 25 °C between adults P0 animals (exp1) and the time course experiment (exp2). b Changes in secondary piRNA production for upregulated genes (yellow) and downregulated genes (blue) at 25 °C compared to 20 °C for the overlapping genes from exp1 and exp2. c Heatmap representing the behaviour of these genes for P0 at 25 °C (exp1), the time course experiment at 25 °C (exp2), F1 grown at 20 °C from P0 grown at 25 °C (F1) and prde-1 mutant animals. Numbers of genes involved are shown in Additional file 4: Figure S3A, B and C

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