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Fig. 5

From: Genome sequencing of rice subspecies and genetic analysis of recombinant lines reveals regional yield- and quality-associated loci

Fig. 5

The effects of DEP1 and Gn1a in RILs at low-, middle-, and high-latitude areas. a The effect of DEP1 and Gn1a to grain number per panicle in different areas. Asterisks are significant at the 5% level. b The effect of the combination among GW5, Gn1a, and DEP1 on grain yield per plant in the three areas. c The effect of the qGS12 and GW5 on grain shape in three areas. Plus sign and lowercase letters indicate the indica-type (R99) allele; the minus sign and uppercase letters indicate the japonica-type (SN265) allele. The data are the mean ± s.d. (n = 20 plants), and the scale bar is 1 cm

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