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Fig. 2

From: Biological clock function is linked to proactive and reactive personality types

Fig. 2

Transcriptome analysis of brain samples from proactive (early emerging, EE) and reactive (late emerging, LE) zebrafish using RNA sequencing. Brains were collected from EE and LE fish (n = 4) at 7 hCT, and subsequently, RNA was isolated and used for RNA sequencing. Analysis of the EE and LE transcriptomes showed that differences in gene expression were found for 3% of genes involved in the regulation of the biological clock (see Additional file 3: Table S1). This overview shows differential gene expression levels of 44 differently (p < 0.05) regulated genes, involved in the core loop, the stabilising loop and the entrainment of the biological clock. Rectangles represent genes, and differential gene expression between EE and LE fish is indicated by red (higher expression level in EE) and blue rectangles (higher level in LE fish). Circles represent regulating protein complexes. Inhibition is indicated by a red line with round head, and promotion by a black line with arrow head

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