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Fig. 5

From: A role for actomyosin contractility in Notch signaling

Fig. 5

Overlapping roles of endocytosis and myosin II activity for Notch activation. a SOP cell patterns for pupae of the indicated genotypes. Bristle rows 1–3 shown (indicated to the left of each panel). Scale bars, 25 μm. b Mean ± SD distance between SOP cells along bristle row 3 at 14 h AP for genotypes in (a); (n) = pairs measured, N ≥ 3 pupae per genotype. n.s. by one-way ANOVA. ***p < 0.0001 by Brown-Forsythe test, F3, 225 = 9.71. (c) synNotch activation in S2R+ heterogeneous populations treated with y-27632 alone, dynasore alone, or y-27632 and dynasore together. Mean ± SEM shown, ***p ≤ 0.001 by ANOVA with multiple comparisons. d Relative levels of synNotch activation in response to siRNA against zipper (orange) or spaghetti squash (blue) in the presence of 60 μM dynasore. Plus sign indicates transfection with siRNA, Minus sign indicates transfection with control siRNA targeting the white gene. Mean ± SEM for 4 experimental repeats shown. p values determined by two-way ANOVA. Interaction term is not significant (F6,42 = 1.62). See also Additional file 5: Figure S3

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