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Fig. 2

From: Transcriptome, proteome and draft genome of Euglena gracilis

Fig. 2

Expression level changes induced by light are mainly post-transcriptional. Alterations to the transcriptome and proteome in response to ambient light or complete darkness were analysed using RNA-seq and SILAC/LCMS2 proteomics respectively. Data are plotted for individual transcripts/polypeptides as the log10 ratio between the two conditions, light (L) and dark (D), with protein on the y-axis and RNA on the x-axis. The presence of a number of proteins that were detected exclusively under one or other condition (hence infinite ratio) are indicated in green (for light) and blue (for dark). With the exception of a few transcripts, which are plastid encoded (green dots), there is little alteration to RNA abundance, but considerable changes to protein levels. Raw data for transcriptome/proteome analysis are provided in Additional file 3

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