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Fig. 3

From: Transcriptome, proteome and draft genome of Euglena gracilis

Fig. 3

Euglena gracilis shares orthologs with a diverse array of lineages. Panel a (top): Histogram of E. gracilis orthologous groups clustering with selected eukaryotic lineages as determined with OrthoFinder. The x-axis shows the number of orthogroups and y-axis shows the taxon groupings representative of selected eukaryotic groups. Histogram bars highlighted in green indicate orthogroups shared with photosynthetic organisms. Panel a (lower): taxa sharing orthogroups with E. gracilis, where black circles correspond to the presence of orthogroup members while light gray circles correspond to the absence of orthogroup members in the genome. Black tie bars linking black circles are for clarity only. Eukaryotic taxon groupings are colored accordingly: gray, Euglena and kinetoplastida; white, other members of the Excavata excluding Euglenozoa; brown, SAR, pink, red algae; light green, green algae; dark green, land (vascular) plants and dark gray, Unikona. An expanded version of this figure, broken down by species is given as Additional file 1: Figure S4. Panel b: The number of E. gracilis proteins that clustered (BS > 75%) in their single-protein phylogenetic tree with taxonomic group are indicated on the x-axis

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