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Table 1 List of lncRNAs deletions and their phenotypes

From: Identification of functional long non-coding RNAs in C. elegans

Strain lncRNA Locus Chr RNAi clone # Reduced viable progeny (mutant) Smaller body size (deletion mutant) Reduced viable progeny (RNAi) Smaller body size (RNAi)
SX3268 linc-206* XLOC_000670 I 112 +
SX3278 linc-217* XLOC_003573 I 111 + +
SX3269 linc-239* XLOC_005681 II 106 + + + +
SX3332 linc-240 XLOC_008459 II    
SX3340 linc-249 XLOC_009275 II 108 + +
SX3270 linc-260 XLOC_010885 III   +   
SX3313 linc-305 XLOC_040158 X   +   
SX3338 linc-328 XLOC_041869 X    
SX3315 linc-339 XLOC_045957 X 107 + + +
SX3271 linc-340 XLOC_047005 X 109
  1. *lncRNAs that overlap recent predicted protein-coding genes