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Fig. 8

From: Mechanisms of tethering and cargo transfer during epididymosome-sperm interactions

Fig. 8

Lipid raft microdomains facilitate epididymosome-sperm interaction. Caput spermatozoa were co-cultured with biotinylated (membrane impermeant) epididymosomes for 5 min before being subjected to dual labeling for GM1 (lipid raft marker) and biotin. ae This strategy confirmed that spermatozoa harbored the anticipated spatial profiles of transferred biotinylated protein (green) and revealed strong overlapping co-localization of GM1 (red) in these domains. Representative immunofluorescence images are presented to illustrate co-localization of GM1 and biotinylated protein in the SAR and post-acrosomal domain of the sperm head. These experiments were replicated three times with each sample representing pooled material (i.e., spermatozoa and epididymosomes) obtained from at least three mice

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