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Fig. 7

From: A global survey of arsenic-related genes in soil microbiomes

Fig. 7

Comparison of arsenic resistance and metabolism gene abundance between cultivation-dependent and cultivation-independent methods. a Mean normalized abundance of arsenic-related genes based on RefSoil microorganisms abundance estimated from corresponding 16S rRNA gene abundance in Earth Microbiome Project datasets. Points are colored by soil order. b Normalized abundance of arsenic resistance genes in RefSoil+ and 38 metagenomes. Metagenome abundance was normalized to rplB, and RefSoil+ normalized abundance was calculated using the number of RefSoil+ genomes. Only metagenomes with an arsenic resistance gene detected are shown, and the total number of datasets (including RefSoil+) is shown in parentheses. c rplB-normalized abundance of arsenic resistance genes in cultivation-dependent and cultivation-independent metagenomes from the same soil sample

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