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Fig. 5

From: RNA processing errors triggered by cadmium and integrator complex disruption are signals for environmental stress

Fig. 5

RNA splicing is disrupted by cadmium or RNAi of integrator complex. a Clustered heat map of log2 gene expression changes caused by 300 μM cadmium relative to no cadmium and ints-4(RNAi) relative to control(RNAi) on agar without cadmium. Correlation coefficient is shown below. A list by gene is provided in Additional file 2: Table S1. b Linear regression analysis of fold changes in panel a; ***P < 0.001 by linear regression F test. c Number of genes alternatively spliced within each category by cadmium or ints-4(RNAi). Lists by gene are provided in Additional file 12: Table S7 and Additional file 13: Table S8. Percentage of events that were significantly changed are provided in parentheses. d Linear regression analysis of ΔΨ values for all significantly altered splicing events caused by ints-4(RNAi) or cadmium, ***P < 0.001 by linear regression F test. e Correlation coefficients and linear regression P values for each type of splicing event change caused by cadmium and ints-4(RNAi)

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