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Table 1 Description of high-quality MAGs from species representatives with novel metabolic potential

From: Metagenomes and metatranscriptomes shed new light on the microbial-mediated sulfur cycle in a Siberian soda lake

Name GC Cmpl Cont Novelty
Rhodobacteraceae bac. CSBr16_160 60 88 0.5 New genus of a photoheterotrophic SOB in the family Rhodobacteraceae. Genes for aerobic CO oxidation
Gemmatimonadetes bac. CSSed162cmB_429 68 99 3.9 First phototroph with the potential for carbon fixation in the phylum Gemmatimonadetes
Putative role in the sulfur cycle (soxCD) and potential for dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonia
Thiohalomonadaceae bac. CSSed162cmB_532 61 92 1.7 New genus of colorless SOB in the family Thiohalomonadaceae (GTDB taxonomy). Genes for N2 fixation
Flavobacteriales bac. CSSed162cmB_293 53 95 0.5 New haloalkaliphilic genus within the Bacteroidetes with potential for S2O32− oxidation to S4O62− (doxAD)
“Ca. Woesearchaeota” arch. CSSed165cm_557 41 81 0 New genus within the candidate phylum Woesearchaeota. Putative S0/SO32− reducer
Alkalilimnicola sp. CSSed162cmA_191 67 87 0.9 Well-characterized haloalkaliphilic genus of SOB within the Gammaproteobacteria, new is potential for S4O62− reduction. Facultative autotroph and facultative anaerobe. Genes for aerobic CO oxidation and dissimilatory nitrate reduction to nitrite
Geopsychrobacteraceae bac. CSSed162cmA_454   94 1.9 New haloalkaliphilic genus within the class Deltaproteobacteria. Facultative anaerobe with potential for S4O62− reduction and N2 fixation
  1. GC average G+C mol%, Cmpl % CheckM-completeness, Cont % CheckM-contamination