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Table 2 Major clades in the SMXL family

From: Strigolactone synthesis is ancestral in land plants, but canonical strigolactone signalling is a flowering plant innovation

Clade Taxon Sub-taxon Sequences Major sub-clades
SMXLA Liverworts   5  
SMXLB Mosses   19 SMXLB
Bryopsida 10 SMXLC
SMXLD Hornworts   6  
SMXL Lycophytes Lycopodiales 6 SMXLE
Isoetales 2 SMXLF
Selaginellales 7 SMXLG
Selaginellales 6 SMXLH
SMXLJ Monilophytes   17  
gSMXL4 Gymnosperms   5  
aSMXL4 Angiosperms   25  
SMXL39 Angiosperms   8 SMXL39
Core eudicots 16 SMXL3
Core eudicots 13 SMXL9
gSMAX1 Gymnosperms   14  
aSMAX1 Angiosperms   31  
SMXL78 Angiosperms   7 SMXL78
Core eudicots 16 SMXL7
Core eudicots 13 SMXL8
  1. Table showing major clades in the SMXL family, as defined at the level of major taxonomic groups. Almost all sequences in the family unambiguously group into one of these clades. Within some clades, there are major sub-clades where the lineage has been duplicated; these are listed at the right. Our analysis suggests that seed plant SMXL proteins group into two super-clades, SMAX1 and SMXL4, as indicated on the left of the table