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Fig. 3

From: Single-cell reconstruction of differentiation trajectory reveals a critical role of ETS1 in human cardiac lineage commitment

Fig. 3

Crosstalk between endoderm cells and cardiac progenitors potentially regulates cardiac lineage commitment. a Volcano plot shows the top ten differentially expressed genes (in colored dots) in cardiac progenitor cells (red dots) versus endoderm cells (blue). Transcription factors are highlighted in orange. GO (b) and KEGG (c) enrichment of differentially expressed genes in cardiac progenitor cells versus endoderm-like cells. The top categories are shown here. Please see Additional file 2 for the full list. d Visualization of VEGF signaling among T05 cells (upper panel) using enriched VEGF ligand-receptor pairs (lower panel). The lines indicate the probabilities of a signal being passed between cells

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