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Fig. 5

From: Genomic insights from the first chromosome-scale assemblies of oat (Avena spp.) diploid species

Fig. 5

Abbreviated maximum likelihood tree generated using a 10,894 SNPs for C-genome diploids rooted to the A. atlantica (AT_Cc7277) reference and b 7221 SNPs for A-genome diploids rooted to the A. eriantha reference (ER_CN 19238). Asterisks denote percentage of 1000 bootstrap replicates that support the topology at 90–100% (gold) and 75–89% (blue). Scale bar represents substitutions per site. Branch labels are based on subgenome composition and, in some cases, diaspore morphology (“floret-shattering,” “spikelet-shattering,” or “cultivated”). Unabbreviated trees are provided as Additional file 15: Figure S7 and Additional file 16: Figure S8

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