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Table 1 Summary statistics for the canu [33] and Hi-C assemblies for A. atlantica and A. eriantha

From: Genomic insights from the first chromosome-scale assemblies of oat (Avena spp.) diploid species

AssemblyA. atlanticaA. eriantha
Number of scaffolds3941219580672652
Total size of scaffolds (bp)3,683,522,1493,685,054,4913,773,539,1123,777,787,481
Longest scaffold (bp)25,143,700577,845,55410,103,775588,203,704
Shortest scaffold (bp)1010101010201020
Number of scaffolds > 1 M nucleotides768912037
N50 scaffold length5,544,947513,237,5901,385,002534,821,622
L50 scaffold count19647974
Scaffold % A27.8127.8128.0628.04
Scaffold % C22.222.1921.9421.91
Scaffold % G22.1922.1821.9321.91
Scaffold % T27.827.7928.0728.05
Scaffold % N00.0300.09
Scaffold N nt01,250,20103,223,400
Scaffold % non-ACGTN0000
Percentage of assembly in scaffolded contigs0.00%97.00%0.00%97.80%
Average number of contigs per scaffold11.913.1
Average length of breaks (20 or more Ns) between contigs06010578
Number of contigs3941427580678228
Number of contigs in scaffolds0224405740
Number of contigs not in scaffolds3941203180672488
Total size of contigs3,683,522,1493,683,804,2913,773,539,1123,774,564,081
Longest contig25,143,70021,736,08510,103,77510,106,525
Shortest contig10101201020198
Number of contigs > 1 M nt76886812031202
N50 contig length5,544,9474,310,3671,385,0021,314,218
L50 contig count196245797838
Contig % A27.8127.8128.0628.07
Contig % C22.222.221.9421.93
Contig % G22.1922.1921.9321.93
Contig % T27.827.828.0728.07
Contig % N0000
Contig %non-ACGTN0000