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Table 3 Ancestral subgenome groups (A-, C- and D-) designation for each of the 21 consensus linkages groups reported for A. sativa [29]. Haplotag markers mapping to (A) A. atlantica and (B) A. eriantha chromosomes, where highest haplotag mapping are colored red and transition to white as the number of haplotags mapping decreases

From: Genomic insights from the first chromosome-scale assemblies of oat (Avena spp.) diploid species

  1. 1Chromosomal designation as previously reported by Chaffin et al. [28] and Yan et al. [16]. Where assignments are split by a forward slash, the assignment given to the longest part of the chromosome is shown first
  2. 2Chaffin designated Mrg11 as C/A, while Yan et al. designated it as C. Here we assign it as D/C
  3. 3Yan et al. [16] designated Mrg28 as D/C, while Chaffin et al. [28] designated it as C. Here we re-designate it as D/C