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Fig. 10

From: DPF is a cell-density sensing factor, with cell-autonomous and non-autonomous functions during Dictyostelium growth and development

Fig. 10

Cell-autonomous functions of DPF in adhesion and growth. a WT and DPF- cells were adhered at a density of 400 × 103 cells/cm2 to a six-well plate, washed and replenished with fresh, naïve DB media or 5-h conditioned media from DPFOE cells. The dishes were then shaken at indicated time points at 90 rpm, and the percentage of de-attached cells quantified. Values indicate Mean ± SD from triplicate sets and three independent experiments. b Cell growth rates of WT and DPF- cells in the presence of fresh growth media that was supplemented with DPF-containing conditioned growth media from WT cells. Growth rate was monitored at indicated time points. The values represent mean ± SD from three independent experiments

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