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Table 1 Reference and FR-AgENCODE detected transcripts. This table provides the total number of reference transcripts for each species, the number and percent of those that were detected by RNA-seq (TPM ≥ 0.1 in at least 2 samples), the total number of FR-AgENCODE transcripts, and the subsets of them that were mRNAs (known and novel) and lncRNAs (known and novel). Overall, the transcript repertoire is increased by about 100% in most of the species. As these results naturally depend on the input data, details about the genome assemblies and reference annotations that were used for this study are listed in Additional file 1: Table S2

From: Multi-species annotation of transcriptome and chromatin structure in domesticated animals

SpeciesReference transcriptsFR-AgENCODE transcripts
  % of total KnownNovelKnownNovel