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Table 2 Opsin key residues

From: The round goby genome provides insights into mechanisms that may facilitate biological invasions

SpeciesEcologyGeneKey tuning amino acid site in round gobyMax. spectral sensitivity (wavelength)Reference
  Bovine rhodopsin equivalent site:164181261269292  
Boleophthalmus pectinirostrisTerrestrial mudskipperLWS1AHYTA553 nm[28]
Periophthalmus magnuspinnatusTerrestrial mudskipperLWS1SHYTA560 nm
Neogobius melanostomusFreshwater temperate rivers and lakesLWS1SHYTA560 nmThis study
LWS2SHFTA550 nm*This study
  1. *Predicted by the key tuning sites, and Y261F shift of 10 nm; Yokoyama, 2008
  2. Amino acid analysis of key tuning sites in Gobiidae red opsins proteins