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Table 1 Cell-type-specific editing profiles. The markers where pairwise testing identified a difference in editing profile

From: Spatiotemporal mapping of RNA editing in the developing mouse brain using in situ sequencing reveals regional and cell-type-specific regulation

Developmental stage p (Dunn-Sidak) Editing level
High Low
E15 0.0350 Sst Enpp2
P0 0.0002 Nrn1 Gfap
0.0337 Sst Gfap
0.0219 Pcp4 Gfap
P7 0.00022 Nrn1 Gfap
0.00013 Pvalb Gfap
0.01842 Pcp4 Gfap
Adult 0.0210 Pvalb Plp1