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Table 1 List of cetacean specimens with the highest sum radii across the cranium (Σρspec)

From: Wonky whales: the evolution of cranial asymmetry in cetaceans

  Species Family Suborder Sum radii (Σρspec)
1 Monodon monoceros USNM 267959 Monodontidae Odontocete 0.546
2 Orycterocetus crocodilinus USNM 22926 Physeteridae Odontocete 0.518
3 Aulophyseter morricei UCMP 81661 Physeteridae Odontocete 0.489
4 Kogia breviceps USNM 22015 Kogiidae Odontocete 0.462
5 Kogia simus NHMUK 1952.8.28.1 Kogiidae Odontocete 0.457
6 Physeter macrocephalus NHMUK 2007.1 Physeteridae Odontocete 0.456
7 Delphinapterus leucas USNM 305071 Monodontidae Odontocete 0.453
8 Platanista gangetica USNM 172409 Platanistidae Odontocete 0.449
9 Globicephala melas NMNZ MM001946 Delphinidae Odontocete 0.410
10 Pseudorca crassidens USNM 11320 Delphinidae Odontocete 0.408
  1. ρ is the radius value calculated as the Euclidean distance between the computer -mirrored landmark and the manually placed landmark. The larger the value for ρ, the longer the radii for a corresponding landmark and the more it is displaced, indicating asymmetry between the two sides of the cranium