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Table 2 Histology of samples isolated for multi-regional sampling

From: Malignant transformation and genetic alterations are uncoupled in early colorectal cancer progression

Sample Tissue Grade (adenoma) Stage (carcinoma)
AC1 Adenoma 1 LG
Adenoma 2 LG
Adenoma 3 HG
Carcinoma pT1
AC6 Adenoma 1 HG
Adenoma 2 LG
Carcinoma 1 pT1
Carcinoma 3 pTIs
AC30 Adenoma 3 HG
Adenoma 4 LG
Adenoma 5 IG
Adenoma 7 HG
Carcinoma 2 pTis
Carcinoma 6 pTis
  1. LG low grade, IG intermediate grade, HG high grade, pTis tumor in situ, pT1 stage 1, pT2 stage 2