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Table 1 Venom components studied in the present work. Gene models are taken from

From: Some like it hot: population-specific adaptations in venom production to abiotic stressors in a widely distributed cnidarian

Toxins Gene ID Expression pattern Reference
Nv1 Nve1808; Nve1809; Nve1810; Nve1811; Nve1812; Nve1813; Nve1814; Nve14523; Nve14522 Ectodermal gland cells [24, 25]
NEP14 Nve17430 Nematocytes [19]
NEP16 Nve12822 Nematocytes
NEP3 Nve22462 Nematocytes
NEP3-like Nve22463 Nematocytes
NEP4 Nve6863 Nematocytes
NEP6 Nve4964; Nve23777 Nematocytes
NEP8 Nve15921 Nematocytes
Nematolysin_1b Nve1244 Ectodermal gland cells (pharynx) [32]
Nep8-like Nve6865 Nematocytes Additional file 2: Fig. S2A
NveSKT1 Nve1814 Ectodermal gland cells (pharynx) Additional file 2: Fig. S2B
Nematocyst structural proteins
 NR2 Nve3844 Nematocytes [33]
 NCol3 Nve9976 Nematocytes [34, 35]