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Table 1 Genome metrics of Frankliniella occidentalis

From: Genome-enabled insights into the biology of thrips as crop pests

Feature Metric
Assembly size 415.8 Mb (263.8 Mb, contigs only)
Genome coverage 158.7×
Number of contigs 76,021
Contig N50 6.2 kb
Number of scaffolds 6263
Scaffold N50 948.9 kb
GC content 50.9%
aRepeat content 9.86%
bBUSCO scores C:99.0%, S:97.6%, D:1.4%, F:0.5%, M:0.6%, n:1066
OGS v.1 (# curated) 16,859 genes (1694); 16,902 mRNAs (1738)
  1. aRepeat content retrieved from Petersen et al. [30]
  2. bBUSCO = Benchmarking Universal Single-Copy Orthologs (Arthropoda gene set = 1066 single-copy genes present in at least 90% of selected representative arthropods); performed on the genome assembly, orthologs classified as complete (C), single (S), duplicate (D), fragmented (F), or missing (M)