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Table 2 Comparison of human (Hsa) and A. godoyi (Ago) CII, CIII, CIV, and CV subunits

From: The draft nuclear genome sequence and predicted mitochondrial proteome of Andalucia godoyi, a protist with the most gene-rich and bacteria-like mitochondrial genome

Complex II Complex III Complex IV Complex V
Hsa Ago Hsa Ago Hsa Agoa Hsa Ago
       F1 subunits  
SDHA Sdh1 UQCRC1 Qcr1 COX1 Cox1 ATP5F1A Atp1 (AtpA)
SDHB Sdh2 UQCRC2 Qcr2 COX2 Cox2 ATP5F1B Atp2 (AtpD)
SDHC Sdh3 MT-CYB Qcr3 (Cob) COX3 Cox3 ATP5F1C Atp3 (AtpG)
SDHD Sdh4 CYC1 Qcr4 (Cyc1) COX4 Cox5 ATP5F1D Atp16 (AtpC)
n.d. Sdh5 UQCRFS1 Qcr5 COX5Ac n.d. (Cox6) ATP5F1E Atp15
   UQCRH Qcr6 COX5B Cox4   
   UQCRB Qcr7 COX6A Cox13 Fo subunits  
   UQCRQ Qcr8 COX6B Cox12 MT-ATP6 Atp6 (AtpB)
   UQCR10 Qcr9 COX6Cc n.d. (Cox9) ATP5PB Atp4 (Orf25 / Ymf39)
   UQCR11 n.d. COX7A Cox7 ATP5MC1/2/3 Atp9 (AtpE)
   Subunit 9b   COX7Bd n.d. (—) ATP5PD Atp7
     COX7C n.d. (Cox8) ATP5ME n.d.
     COX8 Cox8he (—) ATP5MF Atp17
     COXFA4f CoxFA4 ATP5MG n.d.
       ATP5PF F6
       ATP5PO Atp5 (AtpH)
       MT-ATP8 Atp8 (OrfB / Ymf19)
       ATP5IF1 Inh1
       ATP5Sc n.d.
  1. Subunits shown in bold are encoded in mtDNA. n.d., not detected
  2. aYeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) nomenclature
  3. b8-kDa cleavage product from the N-terminus of the Rieske protein (UQCRFS1)
  4. cNot identified outside of opisthokonts
  5. dNot identified outside of animals
  6. eRetrieved with Arabidopsis CoxVc (At2g47380), considered to be the counterpart of mammalian CoxVIII (see [50])
  7. fNDUFA4 (MLRQ), previously considered to be a Complex I subunit [51]