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Table 2 Comparison of human (Hsa) and A. godoyi (Ago) CII, CIII, CIV, and CV subunits

From: The draft nuclear genome sequence and predicted mitochondrial proteome of Andalucia godoyi, a protist with the most gene-rich and bacteria-like mitochondrial genome

Complex IIComplex IIIComplex IVComplex V
      F1 subunits 
SDHCSdh3MT-CYBQcr3 (Cob)COX3Cox3ATP5F1CAtp3 (AtpG)
SDHDSdh4CYC1Qcr4 (Cyc1)COX4Cox5ATP5F1DAtp16 (AtpC)
n.d.Sdh5UQCRFS1Qcr5COX5Acn.d. (Cox6)ATP5F1EAtp15
  UQCRBQcr7COX6ACox13Fo subunits 
  UQCRQQcr8COX6BCox12MT-ATP6Atp6 (AtpB)
  UQCR10Qcr9COX6Ccn.d. (Cox9)ATP5PBAtp4 (Orf25 / Ymf39)
  UQCR11n.d.COX7ACox7ATP5MC1/2/3Atp9 (AtpE)
  Subunit 9b COX7Bdn.d. (—)ATP5PDAtp7
    COX7Cn.d. (Cox8)ATP5MEn.d.
    COX8Cox8he (—)ATP5MFAtp17
      ATP5POAtp5 (AtpH)
      MT-ATP8Atp8 (OrfB / Ymf19)
  1. Subunits shown in bold are encoded in mtDNA. n.d., not detected
  2. aYeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) nomenclature
  3. b8-kDa cleavage product from the N-terminus of the Rieske protein (UQCRFS1)
  4. cNot identified outside of opisthokonts
  5. dNot identified outside of animals
  6. eRetrieved with Arabidopsis CoxVc (At2g47380), considered to be the counterpart of mammalian CoxVIII (see [50])
  7. fNDUFA4 (MLRQ), previously considered to be a Complex I subunit [51]