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Table 4 Composition of presequence and carrier pathways for mitochondrial protein import

From: The draft nuclear genome sequence and predicted mitochondrial proteome of Andalucia godoyi, a protist with the most gene-rich and bacteria-like mitochondrial genome

  1. The table lists components typically found in the various complexes in opisthokont (animal and fungal) mitochondria [146]. A plus sign (+) indicates the presence of a homologous protein in A. godoyi (Ago) and/or A. castellanii (Aca); a gray rectangle with n.d. (not detected) denotes absence of a component. Related proteins retrieved for A. godoyi include a Tim17/Tim22/Tim23 family protein and an additional mitochondrial intermediate peptidase (see text)
  2. bXP_004333275.1
  3. cXP_004335035.1
  4. dmtRP L45 homolog