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Table 1 Strains used in this study (isogenic, based on W1536 5B)

From: Genetic dissection of the mitochondrial lipoylation pathway in yeast

S. cerevisiae Genotype Reference
W1536 5B MAT a, Δ ade2, Δade3, can1-100, his3-11, 15; leu2-3, 112; trp1-1, ura3-1 [27]
Δhtd2 yhr067w::kanMX4 [29]
Δlip2 ylr239c::kanMX4 [29]
Δgcv3 yal044c::kanMX4 [29]
Δlip3 yjl046w::kanMX4 [29]
Δlip5 yor196c::kanMX4 This study
Δhtd2Δlip2 yhr067w::kanMX4, ylr239c::kanMX4 This study
Δhtd2Δgcv3 yhr067w::kanMX4, yal044c::kanMX4 This study
Δhtd2Δlip3 yhr067w::kanMX4, yjl046w::kanMX4 This study
Δgcv3Δlat1 yal044c::kanMX4, ynl071w::HPHMX This study
Δgcv3Δlat1 + N-Lat yal044c::kanMX4, ynl071w::HPHMX, N-Lat integrated This study
Δlip2Δlip3 ylr239c::kanMX4, yjl046w::kanMX4 This study
Δgcv3Δlip3 yal044c::kanMX4, yjl046w::kanMX4 This study