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Table 1 Octopodiform (Cephalopoda: Octopodiformes) taxa included in the phylogenetic analysis and their respective GenBank codes for the mitochondrial 16S rRNA gene sequence. New species marked in bold font

From: Holistic description of new deep sea megafauna (Cephalopoda: Cirrata) using a minimally invasive approach

Family Species 16S GenBank code
Cirroteuthidae Keferstein, 1866 Cirroteuthis muelleri Eschricht, 1836 AF487284
Cirrothauma murrayi Chun, 1911 AF487282, AF487283
Stauroteuthis gilchristi (Robson, 1924) AF487291-AF487295, AY545102
Stauroteuthis syrtensis Verrill, 1879 AF487285-AF487290, DQ280042
Stauroteuthis sp. AF487296
Grimpoteuthidae O’Shea, 1999 Cryptoteuthis brevibracchiata Collins, 2004 MT435502
Grimpoteuthis discoveryi Collins, 2003 AF487305-AF487312
Grimpoteuthis imperator sp. nov. MW575539
Grimpoteuthis sp. AF110100
Luteuthis dentatus O’Shea, 1999 AJ315377
Cirroctopodidae Collins & Villanueva, 2006 Cirroctopus glacialis (Robson, 1930) AF487304
Cirroctopus hochbergi O’Shea, 1999 AJ315376
Opisthoteuthidae Verrill, 1896 Opisthoteuthis californiana Berry, 1949 AJ315373
Opisthoteuthis calypso Villanueva et al., 2002 FJ403541, FJ403542
Opisthoteuthis chathamensis O’Shea, 1999 MT216982
Opisthoteuthis depressa Ijima & Ikeda, 1895 AB191117
Opisthoteuthis dongshaensis Lu, 2010 AJ315375
Opisthoteuthis hardyi Villanueva et al., 2002 AF487302, FJ785403, FJ785404
Opisthoteuthis massyae (Grimpe, 1920) AF487297-AF487301, AF299265, AJ315371, AJ315372, AY545103
Opisthoteuthis mero O’Shea, 1999 MT216997, MT216998
Opisthoteuthis sp. AF487303, AF487304, AJ252768, AJ414702, AY616970
Bathypolypodidae Robson, 1929 Bathypolypus arcticus (Prosch, 1849) DQ280044
Eledonidae Rochebrune, 1884 Eledone moschata (Lamarck, 1798) AJ252764
Enteroctopodidae Strugnell et al., 2014 Enteroctopus megalocyathus (Gould, 1852) HM572165
Megaleledonidae Taki, 1961 Graneledone sp. JN800402
Octopodidae d’Orbigny, 1840 Octopus bimaculatus Verrill, 1883 KT335834
Octopus bocki Adam, 1941 GQ900715
Vampyroteuthidae Thiele, 1915 Vampyroteuthis infernalis Chun, 1903 AY545101, AY686586, DQ280043, MG263918