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Table 3 Small RNA read mapping rates to the wheat and rust genomes. For each sample, the total number of reads and average mapping across the replicates are shown

From: The stem rust fungus Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici induces centromeric small RNAs during late infection that are associated with genome-wide DNA methylation

Sample Number of reads Mapped to Pgt Mapped to wheat
Germinated spores 27,536,477 55.93% 0.73%
Uninfected wheat 2,353,359 3.56% 70.34%
Infected wheat 3dpi 3,040,002 5.25% 67.56%
Infected wheat 5dpi 2,914,397 5.37% 66.98%
Infected wheat 7dpi 5,815,521 50.18% 30.3%