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Table 2 Quality assessment of barcodes generated by ONTbarcoder at 200X read coverage (Consensus by Length) and 100X coverage (Consensus by Similarity). The accuracy of MinION barcodes is compared with the barcodes obtained for the same specimens using Illumina/Sanger sequencing. Errors are defined as the sum of substitution or indel errors. Denominators are the total number of nucleotides assessed

From: ONTbarcoder and MinION barcodes aid biodiversity discovery and identification by everyone, for everyone


No. of comparison barcodes

No. of barcodes with errors/No. of errors/% identity

# of Ns/%Ns

R10.3: Mixed Diptera: Sanger barcodes available



19 (0.006%)

R10.3: Afrotropical Phoridae: Illumina barcodes availablea



284 (0.011%)

Flongle-Mixed Diptera Subsample: Sanger barcodes available



91 (0.058%)

  1. a5 barcodes with very high distances from reference were excluded for R10.3: Afrotropical Phoridae dataset as they likely represent lab contamination (see Srivathsan, Hartop et al. [35])