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Table 1 List of antibodies

From: Self-organising human gonads generated by a Matrigel-based gradient system

Antibody Species Concentration (mg/ml) Catalogue number Resource Identification Portal
ACTA2 Mouse 1:500 dilution A2547 Sigma-Aldrich Cat# A2547, RRID:AB_476701
AMH Mouse 0.004 sc-166752 Santa Cruz Biotechnology Cat# sc-166752, RRID:AB_2289536
AR Mouse 0.004 sc-7305 Santa Cruz Biotechnology Cat# sc-7305, RRID:AB_626671
CD31 Mouse 0.05 ab119339 Abcam Cat# ab119339, RRID:AB_10936456
COL IV Rabbit 0.001 ab214417 Abcam Cat# ab214417, RRID:AB_2801511
CYP17A1 Mouse 0.001 sc-374244 Santa Cruz Biotechnology Cat# sc-374244, RRID:AB_10988393
DDX4 Mouse 0.01 ab27591 Abcam Cat# ab27591, RRID:AB_11139638
FN Rabbit 0.008 ab32419 Abcam Cat# ab32419, RRID:AB_732379
POU5F1 Rabbit 0.005 ab19857 Abcam Cat# ab19857, RRID:AB_445175
SOX9 Rabbit 0.005 AB5535 Millipore Cat# AB5535, RRID:AB_2239761
StAR Rabbit 0.004 sc-25806 Santa Cruz Biotechnology Cat# sc-25806, RRID:AB_2115937
17-HSDβ3 Rabbit 0.004 sc-135043 Santa Cruz Biotechnology Cat# sc-135043, RRID:AB_10709740
DAZL Rabbit 0.003 ab215718 Abcam Cat# ab215718, RRID:AB_2893177
CASP3 Rabbit 1:100 dilution 9661 Cell Signaling Technology Cat# 9661, RRID:AB_2341188.
  1. ACTA2 actin alpha 2, AMH anti-Müllerian hormone, AR androgen receptor, FN fibronectin