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Table 2 List of the pTi sequences analyzed. These include 15 from the genome data set listed in Table 1 and five additional representatives downloaded from GenBank. The pTi type assignments are based on k-mer profiles. A type V pTi from Agrobacterium vitis is included as the outgroup. Species name abbreviations: At, Agrobacterium tumefaciens; Al, Agrobacterium larrymoorei; Av, Agrobacterium vitis

From: Modular evolution of secretion systems and virulence plasmids in a bacterial species complex

Species Strain pTi pTi type Opine type Accession Size (bp) Coding sequences Geographic origin Isolation source
At G1 1D1108 pTi1D1108 I.b ? NZ_CP032925 176,213 159 MD, USA Euonymus sp.
At G1 Ach5 pTiAch5 II Octopine NZ_CP011249 194,264 153 CA, USA Achillea ptarmica
At G1 183 pTi183 I.b ? NZ_CP029048 192,674 173 Tunisia Prunus dulcis
At G4 186 pTi186 I.b ? NZ_CP042277 177,577 159 CA, USA Juglans regia
At G4 1D1460 pTi1D1460 I.a ? NZ_CP032929 214,233 198 CA, USA Rubus sp.
At G4 MAFF301001 pTiSAKURA I.b Nopaline NC_002147 206,479 195 Japan Cerasus pseudocerasus
At G6 CFBP5499 pTiCFBP5499 III ? NZ_CP039893 220,025 178 South Africa Dahlia sp.
At G6 CFBP5877 pTiCFBP5877 III ? NZ_CP039902 220,025 181 Israel Dahlia sp.
At G7 1D1609 pTi1D1609 II Octopine NZ_CP026926 166,117 138 CA, USA Medicago sativa
At G7 CFBP4996 pTiCFBP4996 XI ? NZ_CM016551 605,495 521 UK Flacourtia ramontchi
At G7 CFBP7129 pTiCFBP7129 I.b ? NZ_CP039927 189,955 176 Tunisia Pyrus communis
At G8 1D132 pTi1D132 I.b ? NZ_CP033026 177,577 160 CA, USA Cerasus pseudocerasus
At G8 C58 pTiC58 I.a Nopaline NC_003065 214,233 197 NY, USA Cerasus pseudocerasus
At G9 CFBP5507 pTiCFBP5507 I.a ? NZ_CM016546 248,634 225 Australia Soil
? Bo542 pTiBo542 III Agropine NC_010929 244,978 223 Germany Dahlia sp.
? Chry5 pTiChry5 III Chrysopine KX388536 197,268 210 FL, USA Chrysanthemum sp.
? EU6 pTiEU6 I.b Succinamopine KX388535 176,375 194 CT, USA Euonymus sp.
Al CFBP5473 pTiCFBP5473 X ? NZ_CP039694 404,101 360 FL, USA Ficus benjamina
Al CFBP5477 pTiCFBP5477 I.b ? NZ_CM016547 190,036 169 Italy ?
Av S4 pTiS4 V Vitopine NC_011982 258,824 193 Hungary Vitis sp.