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Figure 6

From: Astrocytes convert network excitation to tonic inhibition of neurons

Figure 6

Blockade of GAT-2/3 mediated tonic inhibition increase the duration of seizure-like events. (A) Representative field potential recording of seizure-like events (SLEs) from the CA3 pyramidal layer of a hippocampal slice from a P11 rat. Bar shows SNAP-5114 (100 μM) application. (B-C) Comparison of SLEs (boxed in A) occurred during control condition (B) and SNAP-5114 application (C). (D-G) Average duration of SLEs (D), average duration of tonic- and clonic-like periods (E), average inter-SLE intervals (F) and average SLE intensity (G) from 13 slices exhibiting recurrent SLEs. Asterisks represent significant change compared to the control (P < 0.05), ns means not significant.

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